About Us

Walters Organisational Logistics is a newly founded business in 2012, with a goal of simplifying the needs of businesses; whether its advice, sourcing or supply of services or goods, we aim to meet your needs, in a timely, professional and cost effective manner.

We consider businesses from start-up individuals through to international corporations to all share common fundamental components:

  • Technology - the technologies you utilise in order to run your business – PCs, Machinery, the Web etc..
  • Finances & Accounting - From keeping track of your day to day transactions, to your end of year accounts – Bookkeeping, End of Year Accounts, and Tax Returns etc..
  • Marketing - How you sell your business, and the tools you utilise to do so – Websites, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Business Infrastructure - From Employees to premises and geographical locations – Insurance, Rentals and Recruitment

The majority of the services we currently offer are within the Technology sector, however we are currently and constantly working to expand the services that we offer, and our goal is to offer a range of services covering the main components summarised above.

To find out what services we currently offer, please browse the relevant areas of the website.

Who We Are: 

Alexander Walters BSc (Hons), MBCS

The Chartered Institute for IT

Walters Organisational Logistics was founded in 2012 by Alexander Walters, who wanted to setup his own company in order to help other people do the same. Alexander graduated from the University of Lincoln’s School of Computer Science in 2011 and has since been accepted as a Professional member of the British Computer Society, The Chartered Institute for IT. With his technical knowledge as well as his analytical and problem solving skills, Alexander is heading up our Technical Services.