Marketplace Acceptable Usage Policy

The below acceptable usage policy sets out the guidelines by which Marketplace clients of Walters Organisational Logistics must abide, whilst maintaining an operating and trading Marketplace as supplied by Walters Organisational Logistics. This policy does not apply to any person of business whether a client of Walters Organisational Logistics or not, if the client does not have a Marketplace solution provided by Walters Organisational Logistics.


  • Seller - a client of Walters Organisational Logistics who operates a Marketplace solution as provided by Walters Organisational Logistics, and utilises it for the sale of goods.
  • Buyer - any person who buys or agrees to buy any goods from the Marketplace solution of the Seller.
  • Goods - the articles which the Seller provides via their Marketplace solution.
  • Solution - the Marketplace solution a seller operates as provided by Walters Organisational Logistics.


  • The Seller must at all times when operating a Solution clearly mark all products stock levels and not advertise products which are not in stock without identifying this to Buyers.
  • The Seller must display within their website their Terms & Conditions for the sale of Goods – the Buyer is deemed to have accepted those Terms & Conditions by submitting an order to the Seller.
  • The Seller is responsible for charging, collecting and delivering to HMRC the appropriate amounts of VAT where applicable.
  • The Seller indemnifies Walters Organisational Logistics against any comeback for their failure to abide by the above conditions.


  • It is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure all Goods are legal within the markets in which they are sold.
  • It is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure that they do not sell age restricted products to minors, ensuring they comply with regional age restrictions for their market areas.
  • The Seller must abide by any selling, packaging or delivery regulations as enforced by their local or national authority on any regulated Goods such as e.g. Foodstuffs.
  • The Seller indemnifies Walters Organisational Logistics against any comeback for their failure to abide by the above Goods guidelines.


  • The Seller must provide the Buyer with an itemised order summary by means of email.
  • The Seller must honour all orders accepted in line with their Terms & Conditions.

Warranties & Returns

  • The Seller warrants that Goods will at the time of delivery to the Buyer correspond to the description given by the Seller in the confirmation of Order.
  • The Seller must publish within their website or Solution, a copy of their Returns policy – the Buyer is deemed to have accepted the Returns policy by placing an order with the Seller.
  • The Seller warrants that they have the legal right where necessary to sell any or all of their Goods, and further indemnifies both Walters Organisational Logistics and the Buyer against any comeback should they fail in this obligation.

Delivery of Goods

  • The Seller shall either have a standalone Delivery Policy, or else their Delivery Policy will be incorporated into their Terms & Conditions.