Computer Supply

The computer supply area of the business are able to supply you with computers to meet any of your needs – we can source and configure, laptops, net books and desktop computers to your requirements, and in addition we can custom build desktop computers on your behalf. It may be that you have in mind exactly what you want, or you may just know what you need your computer to do, and in some cases you may just have a budget and want the best for your money – whatever your reasons, contact us, send us your requirements and we will put together a quote for you.

We can supply you with home computers customised for various uses such as family pc, home office pc or even high performance gaming machines. In addition we can also supply your business with computers, whether you need 2 or 20, these can be simple terminal machines, or more custom machines suited to your needs.

All of the machines that we custom build include on-site installation on your behalf, and we can provide warranties for machines that we custom build, available on request.