Desktop PC Repair

Whether it’s your business PC, or your home PC, in our experience you don’t realise how dependant modern day life has made us on the facilities our computer’s offer us; whether it’s for your work, your emails, your shopping or just in your spare time when your access to your computer is taken away you really do notice!

Whether your PC’s problem is intermittent, catastrophic or it’s just a small something that is niggling you, let us take a look for you and see how we can help.

How does this work?

Well the first thing is getting access to your PC – whilst under special circumstances we can if necessary make an onsite appointment, diagnostic and repair, it is much easier for us to work on your machine in our specialised environment, without having to construct it first, and bring all the tools.

You can either arrange to drop off and collect your PC at our Redditch location, alternatively, we offer a collection and delivery service – please see the prices section below for more information on this.


Our first job is to take a look at your PC, and diagnose the problem(s) – we do of course pay particular attention to your description of the problem and how/when it occurred, as this will help us to correctly diagnose the problem(s) as well as where necessary put any fault(s)/problem(s) into context.


Once we have diagnosed the problem(s) we will produce a report for you which outlines, what is wrong with PC, and the options you have available – whether we can repair the PC as is, we need to replace parts or if the problem is with external hardware or software.

Your Options

Once we have delivered our report, if we can replace parts to fix the problem you will have a choice – we will source form our supplier similar or where possible like for like parts, however you may wish to take the opportunity to upgrade your machine, so it may be that you choose to upgrade your machine whilst we have it in pieces with parts on order.

Alternatively instead of a repair or upgrade, you may decide that you want to take this opportunity to invest in a new PC, but instead of start from scratch, we will be able to salvage some of your existing PCs components and save you money on getting a new PC.

The Cost

We wanted to make this as simple as possible so we have broken our costs down into the categories/steps discussed above:

Collection/Delivery options – based on where we collect from/deliver to:

  • Client drop-off & pick-up - Free
  • Collection/Delivery – within 2 miles of our Redditch location -£5.95
  • Collection/Delivery – within 5 miles of our Redditch location - £7.95
  • Collection/Delivery – within 10 miles of our Redditch location – £12.95
  • Live or work further away? Contact Us to find out more.

Diagnostic & Repair or Upgrade – based on your choices after our report:

  • Flat rate charge to cover the diagnostic, report and repair time – £40.00
  • The cost of any parts we use to repair your machine (you will be notified of these prices before we order parts from our supplier) – Depends on sourced part price(s)