Social Media

Social Media has become a very powerful tool for advertising your business, increasing your audience, and targeting your ideal market – and best of all, you can utilise these services for free to build your business. There are numerous Social Networks out there, and they each have their benefits over the others, which is why many businesses use multiple platforms. Below are some of the main platforms used:


Facebook allows a business to create a “Facebook Business Page” which is a profile for your business, allowing you to advertise details about your business, including contact information, product information and business history. This profile can be “liked” by users of Facebook, and allows you to send messages and promotions to your customers, clients and audience, and due to the nature of Facebook, you can reach out to more people through the actions of your customers.


LinkedIn is a professional social network, and is aimed entirely at business and the professional world, each individual has their own individual profile which contains details of their employment, education and their professional lives, and through connections direct or indirect, you can be linked to other professionals. It is also possible to create a LinkedIn business page for your company, where you can list details of your business, contact details and products, which other LinkedIn users can choose to “follow” allowing them to be kept up to date with your company, and for you to increase your reach within the social network.


Twitter is a micro-blogging social network, based entirely around short, user generated posts which can be directed at other network users and anyone who “follows” the account. Twitter is useful for running short-midterm campaigns for your business, as your campaign will only really exist for as long as your audience talk about it. It is also utilised heavily for customer contact and feedback, and general promotional information.


YouTube is a video based social network, allowing individuals and companies to create “Channels” which can be branded to the users/businesses needs, to which videos can be uploaded for the community of YouTube users, and internet users to peruse. Such videos can be used for demonstration, tuition and advertising uses amongst others, and can even be embedded into other websites, offering a simple method to display video content on your website.

How can we help?

For the above mentioned social networks, we are able to set up and brand accounts on these platforms on your behalf, and provide tuition if required in the maintenance and use of such platforms. If required we can help you to construct a policy or strategy for your uses of Social Media, to help you achieve your goals, and grow your business.

If you would like to see examples of Social Media utilisations for businesses, you can view our Social Media pages, from the menu on the right hand side of the screen, or you can view our client portfolio and see some of our client’s implementations. For more information, advice or to enquire about our Social Media services please contact us.