Website Design

A website can be a powerful tool for growing your business – whether you use it for advertising, to display your services and contact information, or you wish to sell your products on-line. Depending on what you require from your website, the cost can vary from several hundred pound, to several thousand, but it could be one of the most crucial investments your business can make, which is why your website design has to work for your business.

Each of the websites we produce is designed and coded bespoke to your needs, we can work with existing artwork and designs that you may have, or start from scratch and work with you to produce designs that you like, for a website to meet your requirements.

As a general rule we classify our websites into three groups, which represent the three main price areas:

  • Static or Brochure-ware Websites – these are websites that have content on them that either don’t or very infrequently require updating, as such these websites can be created without a Content Management System for you to use, and therefore represent the cheapest option.
  • Content Management Websites – these are websites that are managed by a Content Management System which will be configured for you, and allows you to edit the content of a web page without having to have any technical knowledge or expertise. This also allows you to create your own new pages, matching your website design, so that as your business changes or grows, you can manage your website yourself. Training will be provided in the use and maintenance of your website
  • e-Commerce Websites – these are the most expensive and in depth websites, and allow you to run your own on-line store, selling your products, and maintaining your catalogue yourself without any technical knowledge or expertise. Training will be provided in the use and maintenance of your website.

Every website we produce is unique, and we base it all around your business and your requirements, we can either use your own media providing that you are authorised to use it, or we can create new media specifically for you. We can either upload content that your have produced previously, or we can write content for you to approve. In addition we provide every client with a Google Web-master Tools account and a Google Analytics account which can be used to monitor the progress, traffic and search trends of your new website.

If you want to see some of the websites that we have already produced, please have a look through our Client list – for more information, or to get some advice and find out what you need in order to get the website you require, please contact us.